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The Sims 2

The Sims 2 is a useful and free games are available on the Mac, which fall in the category of PC games with subcategories Video and Electronic Arts have been created. More about The Sims 2 is available for users with Windows 98 and earlier versions, and you can download it in English sahaja.Versi current is original and it isupdated on 05/12/2011. After you add this game to our store in 2011 successfully achieved a turnover Nan, and last week he received two takeover. Sims2 brightness is a game that requires less space than the average in the games category PC.Ini is a game thatIt is very popular in countries like the US, UK, and Thailand.

The Sims are in the fourth intsallment, again allows you to create your dream home and strive to develop their virtual avatar. After years of waiting for the sequel of The Sims 3 menjadirataPosledniyat managed to boost interestin this series? Sims package that is not pokušavarevoluciju principles sadržajSims 4 of this series. However, he still expects to see a number of new features compared to other games in the series. Shockingly, it is clear that this new release, Electronic Arts has done exactly the opposite of what I expected: instead of addingnew content, the publisher has decided to simplify the games zaizzeti large number, no pool, no children, you can not see the list of cities Sims “too long and the conclusion is clear: ElektronskiUmetnost as olahmemberikan yourself enough room to add future DLC with features that have been removed togame. It seems to me that this is an approach that is unfortunate because it is a “complete” game is sold; These criticisms aside, however, this game predlagarazlichni new activities your Sims can do in town or at home. Various objects that you can buy already large and clean, and too muchtrips you can go. It’s a shame, however, that we can now load your ekranKad What The Sims move between many villages, while The Sims 3 offered an open world in which tinggalsama action. The good news is that there is a new portal community that allows you to share your creationsonline (Character and structure).

great interface and artificial inteligencijeŠto and access the game so far, Sims 4 has improved a lot from its predecessor. Despite besararahan which can be tedious for those who are unfamiliar with the series, everything has been redesigned for better controlcreator of a new character who is great: you can easily create a Sim of your dreams simply by dragging the mouse over your body part you want to change. When it comes to building your ataumenyesuaikandoma, things are now organized in a coherent way, according to the different rooms;How they behave The Sims have also been the subject of particular attention. With so much needed revision of the system, your characters are now autonomous and intelligent, uzimajućibrinu for a self automatically perform tasks that meet their needs. This allows you to focusthe development of talent and spirit of the game Sims “chrezraznoobrazie; Note, however, that the controls of the camera are uncomfortable and impractical. It is impossible to move in three dimensions, and kedudukankelemahan key to the game, which benefited from the experience of the previous three episodes.

Not technicallyexceptional, but very good optimizovanGodina after The Sims 3, many expect the real grafičkiremont for this new version. Unfortunately, the difference between The Sims 3 and Sims 4 clear that not begitujelas, as it tryabvalo.Vapreki that adding some nice graphical effects that seem interesting chart thatA new version is dated by the time it is issued. Where is unfortunate, although there are advantages in making the game compatible with kompjuterima.Ne less powerful to take on new Sims teknikalaspek in this level of detail has jasnopoboljšana people. The main increase was in some fun there, vithSims can now throughdifferent emotions. You can therefore see mnogosmeshni situations that help you get a very good impression of Life Simssecara whole.

Filled with ideas, with little DLCSims 4 undervhelming success. Investors seem to have worked hard on the interface; The creator of the Sims characters and how tocreate a jewel of simplicity and has great potential. With automation system and a revised mnogopotrebnije more baikSims you, iounov HAVEMO freedom to play better; Unfortunately, the game is disrupted by defektine is easy to ignore, especially for fans of the old series. Additionalto the undoubted technical flaws, this game is not a large amount of content compared to The Sims 3, shows very gajimemuat download content coming soon. It is unfortunate move by Electronic Arts, you may want to reconsider svojepolitika in the coming years if they want to avoid transfermany of his fans.

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