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Insaniquarium Deluxe 1

Insaniquarium is a puzzle game for cartoon colorful aquarium centered. Your tank contains a number of different fish must eat. Some fish eat fish and other live fish him. But eating is not the only challenge: Even hostile aliens appearing in the tankand must be fought. In addition to the standard mode adventure game has more game modes, including sand-like mayaTank. Eating fish and fight FreaksInsaniquariumKennzeichnetkoloritni cartoonish graphics and simple puzzle game interesting. Different game modes allow playbackvalue increases – after complete adventure mode, you can try more advanced to do or just play in the virtual tank or free game hidden. Unlike most puzzle game has an element of resource management enough fansGame strategiakan appeal. Fighting aliens and feeding the fish just in case measures are necessary, but stay with derRessourcen, you need a challenge can represent. Deceptive in puzzle funInsaniquarium interesting combination of different types of gameplay, all wrapped delightfulkid-friendly visualization. the premise does not make a huge amount of sense, but management of fish tank is hit A sometimes surprising challenge – a way to waste time.

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