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Suicide Squad 2016

It feels good to be the most dangerous team of villains imprisoned around the world to help them with the most powerful arsenal of governments that are available and send them on a mission by a mysterious unity, irresistible beat. Amanda Waller intelligence group was convened in secret marksIt is determined by various people with terrible almost nothing to lose. But once they realize that we were not required to be successful, but gyferetholwyd their criminality patent when they inevitably fail, Squad Suicide resolution is dead after trying all or choose?

Suicide SquadHD 2016 TS x264-CPG

Oh boy, where for the last one week I’ve played with this film shows numerous you while ,, Latin, Russian and some private, but not all are really worth seeing as the film is so terrible

Jared Leto aka Joker finally sent me this 1080pelegant ddaroedd well, better than a quiet and safe Video

Work rotate, crop, resize, some WalterMatheMagics blue-white light, contrast, 2 min in the original video, so I cut that part of the Latino Print, adding credit also added post my opinion,is now complete, then synchronizes with our digital audio

It has English subtitles coded and subtitles in English for foreign parts as

Since the film was shot in 99% dark yncam-best you will


P / S: It does strange

For this film

What horse laynaToziI saw this film seriously in movies and I was like WTF you should ** David Ayer gefoltertmich kerz ** king ban production F ** DC Douchebag, that these techniques shit big market, but is large and if each you must respect trailer F let me tell you that you see these ready

JaredLeto suck as soon as drawswisgwryn this film instead, but hey THX for

Enjoy the next time !!! tattaaa

release information

Video: AVC 2300kbps720x320 25 fps

Audio: MP3 @ 192Kbps audio Digital


Subtitles: English + English language for foreign parts

Post Credit Scene: IncludeFFS

Example: Yap

Source: V: Joker A: Both Harley Queen THX

Encoder: SNS



dice enough stage re-encoder and kisses to tamabin

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