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Rise of the Tomb Raider PC

Games: Windows: Full: English

About the game:

Increased Tomb Raider is a third person action adventure with gameplay similar to that found in 2013 by Tomb Raider.

The player controls Lara Croft through a variety of environments, battle enemies, built-in Jump’n’Run,

While the use of improvised weapons and gadgets through the history, to the progress.

Arranged game system, allowing players to create items such as different types of arrows (Toxic, mountable,Fire, grenades, rope)

Withrelease material of plants and animals in the harsh environment of the game.

Environment in weather systems of humans and animals can react day and night

The computer system


Operating system: Windows 7 64bit

Processor: Intel Core i3-2100 or equivalent AMD

Memory: 6 GB of RAM

Photo: NVIDIA GTX 650 or AMD HD7770 2GB 2GB

DirectX version 11

Storage: 25 GB free space


Version of the game is already cracked – easy to installAnd play.

TotalDLC in total.

How to install:

After download is complete:

– Open Part1 (executable file)

Select a location,

– Click Install,

– Wait until the end

– Play from your desktop.

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Date of publication: 28 January 2016

Genre: Action / 3D / 3

Development: Crystal Dynamics

Publisher: Square Enix

Platform: PC

Language: English | English

Language: English| English

Publication Type: Repack

Tablet: Including (Voksi)

System requirements:

Operating system: Windows Vista / 08. Tomb Raider:SE 32bit
07 / / 10

Processor: Intel Core i5-2400 / AMD FX-8320 or better

Memory: 8 GB

Hard disk space: 21 GB (for details please install 51 GB)

Graphics card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 670 (2GB) / AMD Radeon HD 7870 (2GB) or better


Expanding old, Lara must explore the most remote and dangerous from Siberia, the secret of immortality before unscrupulous organizationto find; Lara will use semuaMereka imagination richness and survival skills, create new partnerships and take her destiny Tomb Raider! In the game of survival the new generation of this movement provides adventure, beautiful scenery and dangerous and brutal guerrilla battle liver tomb. Raised Tomb Raider tells about the first time, Lara Croft, which makes it more than just an adventure.


Increased Tomb Raider – Apex Predator Pack

MeningkatTomb Raider – want pack bastion

IncreasedTomb Raider – Tactical Survival Pack

Raised Tomb Raider – ancient Vanguard

ExpansionTomb Raider – Baba Yaga

Increased Tomb Raider – cold dark

Increased Tomb Raider – Cure

MeningkatTomb Raider – Legacy of the Prophet

Increased Tomb Raider – Resistance Resistance

Increased Tomb Raider – Season Pass Discount Card

Raised Tomb Raider – Siberian Ranger

Increased Tomb Raider – Sparrow

Increased Tomb Raider – Survival in the wilderness

permainanversi –

Read the complete Becare How to Play

1.Start with the game on the desktop

2. Steam account (Steam account you specify).

3 Patch game.

4 From the shortcut on the desktop again.

5 Re: List of shame.



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