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Avast Internet Security 2016

Avast Internet Security is a security package is far more powerful tools to protect your system. Assembly program, antivirus, phishing, anti-tools and tools for road safety VPN smart scan. Healthy Internet Security, you can customize the order of scanning modes; Choose the area to scan, the scan for all types of documents. You can recognize the contents of documents or scanning in / Extensions / user can customize the predefined file extensions.

featureThe most important are as follows:

– Firewall.

– Real-time detection of threats.

Anti-Phishing tools.

– Sandbox.

– Antivirus.

– VPN Secure Line.

– Anti-spam tools.


– Protection performance.

Avast Internet Security, also, for example, includes a number of technologies: DNS secure, https scanning and network security in order to increase your protection.

What berriAvast Internet Security 2016:

– Impact Boot the system faster, it takes less disk space.

-Cyber ​​fileCatch and use better technology to detect unknown to our listeners.

– Monthly normal hobetzealasai automatischen through the set.

– Improved detection of weak Router.

– The new browser in the form of SafeZone.

– SecureLine connection speed.

– Antispam selected item.

– Kentzeahardware virtualization (NG) is Cyber ​​Capture system to replace the very low resources.

– Service and remote enough to not function key.

Requirements: Windows (all versions)

Inglesalinguistic diversity


1Deskonprimitu and install

2. Use permit registration documents Keen

3. Double-click the File Key (Please note that all files that work like Lic)

4. Click Yes, Ok

5 ..

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