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The Birth of a Nation 2016

Nat Turner slave Baptist preacher who lives on a plantation owned by Samuel Turner Virginia. With rumors of rebellion in the air, priest convince Samuel that Nate sermonize other slaves, thereby quelling any thoughts of rebellion. As witnesses Nate appalling treatment of his fellow man, he realizes that he is no longer just stand back and preach. On August 21, 1831, Turner quest for justice and freedom will lead to violent rebellion in Southampton County and historical.

Nat Turner slave and preacher in written antebellum South, -organisation uprising. Accused in the antebellum South, Nat Turner after birth nation (Nate Parker), written slave and preacher, owned by financial pressure, Samuel Turner (Armie Hammer), accepted an offer to use Nat preach to subdue unruly slaves. As he witnesses atrocities without number – against him and his fellow slaves – Net organized a revolt in the hope of leading people to freedom.

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