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Lights Out 2016

Rebecca when she left the house, he left his childhood behind guard. Growing up, I was never sure what was and was not the case when the lights went out, and now his younger brother, Martin, is facing the same shocking and inexplicable events, immediately proved his mental health and threaten its safety. amazing amazing unit with attachment to his mother, Sophie has reemerged. But this time, as Rebecca approaches to get rid of fact, there is no doubt that each of their lives once the lights go out.

When Rebecca (Teresa Palmer) out of the house, he thought that his childhood fears were behind him. As a young girl growing up, never quite sure what was the case when the lights went out at night. Now, his younger brother Martin (Gabriel Bateman) face the same inexplicable and terrifying events that endanger their safety and mental health. Still remarkable attachment to his mother (Maria Bello), a return with a vengeance to punish the whole family weird.

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