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VirtualBox, a free open source solution for running other operating systems virtually on your PC you. With VirtualBox, you can install a version of the operating system such as Linux, Solaris and other versions of Windows, (you have the original installation file, of course) and run them in the current version of Windows. The first thing you notice about VirtualBox is that it is very easy to install and use. VirtualBox holds your hand through the entire process so you never feel out of your depth. Integration with your native environment is very impressive.
VirtualBox allows you to declare a host of sharing any file that can then be accessed by the operating system that works in VirtualBox. In addition, connecting USB-devices is simple – VirtualBox automatically detects new devices and asks you whether you want to use. Unfortunately, there is no drag and drop from the desktop of native language from you in VirtualBox, but given that it’s free, you really can not complain. If you do not want to pay for a license to trade and require a virtual OS for generally small, VirtualBox is more than enough.


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