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The Hollars 2016

A man returns to his homeland after learning that his mother was ill and about to undergo surgery. Objectives New York artist John Hollar returned to his hometown of Central America in the wake of a denizen of his mother. He joined his girlfriend, eight months pregnant with her first child, John had to go to the crazy world we leave behind as a dysfunctional family, high school friends, and greedy ex flooding back into his life for his mother.

Still reeling from the death of his mother, a medical student Nancy Adams (Blake Lively) goes to a secluded beach for some much needed relief.
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Despite the dangers of surfing alone, Nancy decided to get to enjoy the sun and waves. Unexpectedly great white shark attack, thus driving the giant rocks for safety. Other injured and stranded 200 meters from the coast to fight frightened young women for their lives as a deadly predator circles of their income.

When Nancy surf on a secluded beach, it’s about feeding the great white shark. Although on the ground just 200 meters from the shore, survival appears on the last test of wills, asking all Nancys ingenuity, agility and strength of mind.

And only 200 meters from the shore, Nancy Surfer attacked by shark with their short journey to safety become the ultimate contest of will.

Director: Jaume Serra Colette

Author: Anthony Jaswinski

Stars: Blake Lively, scar Jaenada, Brett Cullen

Genres: Drama | horror | thriller

Country: United States


SPA received 1080p HDCAM, it is not good camera motion, full-screen, dark scenes are beautiful and thinner day scene.

cropping, resizing, stable color, RGB, sharp, smooth and synchronized to complement our digital audio encoding, stored MP3 and not Hmmmmm

There is no question in this FPS pretty smooth all the way.

good film in contrast to Independence Day 2

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and the entire movie, but no end credits, loans Postal removed completely. thatsway Executive does not coincide with IMDb view of the game, that’s what I went with my girlfriend that I was the last impression and you know, the girls say lot of trash on the film, and she spoke Mr. talking, and in her mind I listen shit as a direct gas fictitious boy, but actually I was working overload, and just before the credits, she learned that instead of listening to her crap I was working with cameras, is thrashing crap out of me and broke my camera, fortunately I was able to save the memory So here we are ruled out with a friend summer. : D: D

Enjoy Fine COG issued. and do not laugh at my pain !!!

P / S: No

Video: 2000kbps x264 2pass HQ

Resolution: 720×320 30fps

Audio: MP3 digital audio


Subtitles: English translation hard-coded for foreign parts only

Source: Q: 1080pSPA well: your own!

Encoder: COG


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