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Virtual CloneDrive 5

Have you ever wanted to burn ISO, IMG file or DVD but without spare parts or simply do not want to go to the trouble to do so? If you know that you can mount ISO files virtually using a virtual drive as Virtual CloneDrive? Effectively, it’s like adding an extra DVD drive to your machine but only virtually on your desktop. You can also use it to create an image file that can then be inserted into the virtual drive from the hard disk or network drive and thus can be used as DVD biasa.Untuk use it, you do not need the original interface. You can open a document by right-clicking on it or by Explorer should give you the option to install from there. When you do so, you are usually prompted if you want to make Virtual CloneDrive document your ISO or IMG. In addition, it will ask you if you want to browse files in dalamnya.Satu only problem I have with it is that Vista is not officially supported, but it works. However, it seems that after having made the first mountain, if you try to open it can meet or only allow you to view documents from which you can make documents themselves juga.Maya CloneDrive is a tool how great and easy way to free up the DVD drive and preventing the need to burn files and DVD IMG and ISO.

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