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Quantum Break 2016

Warning: This is compatible with Windows 10 soup!

Quantum Break (2016) () (Repack by Gabriel) By MonstersBugle

Release Date: January 5 2016

Genre: 3D, 3rd person

Developer: Remedy Entertainment

Publisher: Microsoft Game Studios

Vacated by Samael

Language :, Latin, Italian, German, and

Language :, Latin, Italian, German, and

The Legend Language: English, Italian, German, and

Location: Remedy Entertainment


Publication type: repack

Systematic requirements:

Operating System: 10 (x64) version of the 1511

Processor: Intel i5-4460, or FX, Intel (6) 300

Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760 or AMD R7 260X

Memory: 8GB

Video Card: 2 MB

in an empty hard drive: 68 MB

Software: DirectX 12

Tablet; is (disyr)


The game is the US plan for the north’s poetic Riverport University, where their own experience in the time of evil, and now the main characters in it – Marcus Lucretius (philb Ashmore) Wilder Beth-el (Hope Courtney) Marcus Lucretius (Monaghan St Dominic) also is called Paul Sayri (Aidan Gillen), new opportunities.
Resident Evil 4
For when Paul the Sayri superpowers, which allows you to consider the alternative to stop the time in various quarters of the future, Jack.

Features of release:

Do not cut / no recoded


Automatic activation

solely by the installer Samael

As far as gameplay lorem cursus risus 10 works on the Windows operating system and higher! (Some run home)

There is one potential problem with the operating system is, to keep available copies of Windows to their masters,


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