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PES UEFA Euro 2016

Now proudly

UEFA Euro 2016 France (c) Konami Digital Entertainment

Release Date: June 10, 2016 in the amount of Disk / Format: 1 DVD

Football Media Protection: Steam Game Type

UEFA Euro 2016 Championship, April 21, race official

Playstation 4 and for PlayStation3

PES 2016 and UEFA EURO 2016 games as well as content. UEFA

Mod EURO 2016 will have elements of iconography and presentation all

the championship this year, and, in addition, the Stadium Stadium de F rance

Host the final in July

24 groups have filed hundreds of real players

Players face real team fully licensed, 15 are included

England, Wales, Northern Ireland, Germany, Spain is finally online

Portugal, Italy, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Croatia, Slovakia, Ireland

Turkey, Albania, Ireland hosts France, all perfect


Online to get information Country

Playing model through a completely new game

ID and player ID system, which simulates the actual game

Individual players and the entire team

PSone original humble, he jumped over a PES

Form, add realism as it develops. The Heritage

PES 2016 marks a new slogan ‘Love last played in future

Past ‘return to the core values ​​of the PES in recent years on

PES 2015 and contains many new and up to delivery

To continue production during the last football



PES 2016 and UEFA EURO 2016 as well as in content

UEFA EURO 2016 model features all the iconography and presentation elements

this year

24 teams qualify as a real player percent real

Faced player

Symbol Stade de France stadium, which hosted the final total

15 fully licensed teams, including England, Wales, Northern Ireland

Germany, Spain, France, Portugal, Italy, Czech Republic

The unique style of play that mimics the exact play style

Individual players and teams

UEFA EURO 2016 they purchased a physical copy of the title, also,

Special Award MyClub as follows:

Access special agent in partnership, a special agent for seven of them in Europe

Seven players representing 24 teams qualified, and 10,000GP week

10 Weeks


This is a stand alone basis and Pro Evolution Soccer 2016, the

Update, and display all DLC package datapack

Burns / s, install, copy crack, play!

Congratulations: LARGEiSO and MEDIUMiSO

(C) E / DFS

Size is not important?


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