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Fraps is a program for taking pictures and video from your computer. Do this in the background while you play, and enter the frame makes video game and take screenshots with gemak.In unregistered version of Fraps can take 30 seconds of video with Fraps watermark, and take screenshots BMP format. In the full version there is no video watermark, and screenshots used in JPG, PNG, TGA and formaat.Om Fraps, just start the youth before the game, when the game starts, you will be counter frame rate of the screen, great for benchmarking. Take a screenshot and video-enabled shortcut. You can choose to take screenshots one at a time, or repeated at a certain time gaping.Vir video, audio, and even with a microphone so you can easily make your own Lope door. UC Browser 5 video production lacks size – 3 minutes of the video will be around 3GB, meaning another application to change the format required. Fraps but is very easy and should not bring about game veel.As quality all-in-one benchmarking, screen and video tool, Fraps is hard to beat. It’s easy and simple to use, with enough features to keep most users satisfied.


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