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Fallout 3 Game

Lossless repack by Mr. DJ (Me)

Fallout 3 Game of the Year Edition repackage Mr. DJ

Pack Features:

cut / no recode;

Game Version :;

PreCracked – install and play (no GFWL);

The final size :;

OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows (32-bit and 64-bit);

Language and subtitle language: English;

Xbox 360 Controller Support: Yes;

installation time: 9 minutes;

DLCs ​​included:

working Anchorage


broken iron

lookout point

mothership Zeta

** Installation Instructions:

Disable to prevent any error messages on your computer before execution ” (important). (For avast user: Just DeepScreen Disable antivirus settings) …

After running setup ,, – click “Configure” ,, ,, enter install directory and click Next ,, next select the required software (DirectX and Visual C ++) ,, again next ,, finally “Install” … Play game from desktop shortcut “Fallout 3, using the term,

It is 2 desktop shortcut will create a “Fallout 3” and “Fallout 3,” “Fallout 3” is the manager of the consequences MO, use to play the game with all of the DLC is “Fallout 3” activates the original -Launcher game graphics can change the settings using ….

When you open the “Fallout 3,” the first time, set the check engine 3 games Consequences “Do not ask next time” and click OK when launcher is finally established, the DLC is all shown that they provide will ensure that they allow you to check, and then click the “Start game”, then for the first time, it will open up the original game Launcher, can fix graphics settings of the game from the end of the original missile and then click again to play “game leek …

If modern hardware with multi-core processor, but the game crashes, open asked: “Crash” file available to read and implement what was mentioned in it ….

Always open the game “Run as administrator” Any questions Team Score / accident to avoid if it still crashes, reduce graphics settings and make sure meets the needs of the system, including updates to the video drivers for your video card, see “notes” text file for further help …

IF U R not get it to work mailbox Kickass me or my Facebook page ….

Check out my Facebook page:

“Mr. DJ repacks”

As a man to support information about upcoming repacks and take

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