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Company of Heroes 2


Company of Heroes 2: Master Collection (a) Sega

Release Date: 05/2016 Protection: Steam

Discs: 1 Genre: Strategy

Sign up for this package is the highest rated World War II franchise RTS

COH2 reorganization of the original and its extensions (Western

Front Army Attack Ardennes and British forces), as well as

Theatre of War missions packages. Includes 2 single-player campaign

5 armies and multiplayer.

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1. Elected release

2. Set the ISO

3. Install the game

4. Copy the crack folder from PLAZA

5. Play!

Notes: The game will be updated to the latest version ().

Use the content you want to change the language.










The game elements are locked (Manager, Intel papers, skins, decals,

faceplate, strike victory, decals): pressing, business information

Button in the upper right corner. In addition, a running skirmish

This statement, unlike the previous ones.

DLC has not been published anywhere else in the British forces and the work will include

As the battle.

General comments:

– The game took a firewall to block EXE file

trying to go online ..

– When the system drive to install the game, you may need to

To start the game comes on with administrator privileges

Code – Enigma – Addonia


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