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Capture One Pro v9

Capture One Pro 9 – choice for the professional processing software. Capture One is of fundamental importance for all commercial shoot. Leading detail, color and image reproduction. superb image quality for more than 400 cameras.

Leading detail, color and image rendering

– The new processor

– Nev customization tools

– Excellent RAV converter and asset manager

– Leading Tethered Capture and Instant Reviev

– Flexible, time saving workflow

– Mac and PC cross-platform

– Support for more than 400 cameras

superb image quality for more than 400 cameras.

They use a lot of the best photographers in the world, catch a 9 Pro combines excellent performance, quality and efficiency.


Awesome power of the new processor and the flexibility of Capture One Pro 9 gives you full control of your creative process, regardless of the type of photography is a passion.


Leading image and streamlined working together, can achieve outstanding results with outstanding efficiency.


The more control you have, the better and faster they can achieve their vision. Catch a Pro 9 is built on the idea of ​​a new set of tools, you can create images with incredible precision.

Requirements: Capture One Pro is compatible with Mac OS 9 or

Editor Conversor years of professional attitude Shower images RAV.

El format RAV es por el utilizado Las cmaras Gallery profesionales, contains Kue Todos los Dann de la Imagen numerous black la la ha, captado cmara. Debido Gran Mr. Tamao, not Todos los programmi Edicin permission trabajar con este format. Here hace Capture One Pro is de manera I will.

Capture One Pro es un magnfico software Conversino and Edicin format Fotografas and RAV.
BitTorrent Pro 7 Capture One Pro contains todas las Herramientas necesarias attitude capturar, organic Nizar, editing is Print Compartir Fotografas con la calidad MKM posibles.

Posibilidades las que ofrece Capture One Pro prcticamente Infinitas I support hacer sin is verdaderas Maravillas con Shower images. No obstante, es un software ampliamente utilizado en el Mundo de la photographer Digital.

Name: Capture One Pro


Incluía: Parche

Multilenguaje (Incluido Español)

Procesador: AMD

Versin Mac OS X A recent

Ms information:


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