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Year: October 08, 2015

Genre: RPG

Developer: TalTech study

Editor: Study TallTech

game version

Platform: PC

Publication Type: repack

Interface Language: Russian, English

Voice Language: English

Crack: Not required


Operating System: Windows XP

Processor: Dual Core GHz


Video Card: 512 MB card (GeForce 6800 / Radeon X1600 AMD)

free space on hard disk: 2 GB


Edge of the World – free role-playing in a post-apocalyptic survival in the spirit of Fallout, where you have to blow up the world to survive as long as possible. Will take part in the battle, collect items, hunting, exploring new territory, trade and much more! dry soil soaked with the blood of toxic wastes and their former employer. Those who remain are the perpetual struggle for survival. By creating this game developers inspired by Fallout, as well as some elements borrowed with Diablo and Command. If you are a fan of Fallout – this means that the game is made especially for you.


Humans can not be changed. The world continues to warm. Ice in the polar regions is melting faster and faster, people fled to the mountains, which is now the island. Not accustomed to the harsh conditions of life without electricity, water, air conditioner running, people continue to destroy the remains of civilization. Epidemics, poverty, looting and destruction of humanitarian played for centuries. The only reminder of the culture and life of the ancestors of foreign objects, which sometimes gives the sea …

People build a civilization from scratch. Latest technology transmitted by word of mouth or copied items found on the beach, without defects created by artist craftsmen. art has been forgotten. For the rest, there is no excuse. Islands hunted fish gifts collected from the sea, mineral and fruit, steal and kill each other – sometimes angry or for profit, but more because of fear.

In this sad reality, a new civilization was born.

The game takes place on survival after the big water Islands group – called Archipelago. Climate change has left a strong mark on the islands live in the world – in fact, a piece of land in the sea. Woods almost destroyed the biological chain rebuilt. genetic experiments past civilizations caused mutations stable in many animal species, including humans.

Some of the islands are uninhabited, some of you might find fishing villages and mining towns, fields collector or, at worst, a thief. big cities, and they were small, their own mini-state.

According to legend, the majority of the population fled during the great waters in great iron ship. Many items – traces of past civilizations, according to legend, it was in this boat.

In large cities there are water stations on uninhabited islands can only be reached by boat.

FEATURES repacking:

Quality quality audio / video (100%)

Not excluded / recoded

Version of the game ~

Repack by ~ Armeniac


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