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Microsoft Office 2016

*** Be kind and a little seed! thanks ***

*** What are the update package?

Since the first release of Microsoft Office 2016 update package updates published in the current (October 2015) + 2 batch files.

refers to a Microsoft Office 2016 volume (suite, one application, each version / language).

*** Update package can be used

– 1. Update Microsoft 2016 product is installed on the target computer = “Offline Update”

– 2. Extract MSP update files distribution media / folder for later integrated

*** As

XXX 1. Updating the 2016 Microsoft (Microsoft 2016 VL obviously have to be installed on the target computer)


Unzip this torrent file and run the command “Install Update”, preferably as an admin.

How does it work?

For every packet that comes in the first batch file is installed / updated as needed, and then install a set of each package.

It allows you to write a batch file so that the files are generated in the instructions for a temporary% temp% folder, eg C: Users

Late doing batch file to work, you can check which updates are installed actually look, or go to Windows Update – Update history – updates installed

Microsoft batch file reference # DeploiEkeVithScript

XXX 2. Extract MSP second entry in the distribution of media / Folder file for later integration (Microsoft 2016 installation requires Volume License)

– If the installation ISO format, retrieve and store them in a folder on the hard drive of your choice

– Torrent to decompress the file and run the command “Extract Updates

– This is going to be created subfolder “correction”, which all together * MSP update files to bring

– Go to your Office 2016 installation may be to delete all existing files (* .kml + * MSP) in the “fixes” and copy files from the installation package recently directory * MSP update ‘updates’

This is completely updated the distribution of your Microsoft Office 2016 VL

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