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Year: October 8, 2015

Genre: RPG

Developer: studio TalTech

Publisher: TallTech studio

game Version

Platform: PC

Publishing Type: repack

interface languages: Russian, Inglesa

Sound Languages: Inglesa

Crack: Not required

System Requirements:

Operating System:

Processor: Dual Core GHz


Video Card: 512 MB card (GeForce 6800 / Radeon X1600 AMD)

Open space on the hard drive, 2 GB


Fallout post-apocalyptic role-playing game of life, which to explore the world as long as possible and you must survive the spirit – Edge of the World. Can share in the battle subtract items, hunting, new areas, business and much more to explore! Dry soil toxins and waste from the blood stained their former masters. Those who remain are the eternal struggle for survival. Fallout inspired the developers of the game, as well as a few elements borrowed from Diablo and create the commandos. If you’re a fan of Fallout – said that the game is special to you.


People are not able to change. The world continued to warm. Melting Arctic ice faster and faster, people in the mountains, the islands are now fled. It is not used to the difficult conditions of life, electricity, drinking water, without the climate, the people continue to destroy the remnants of civilization. Epidemics, poverty, looting and depravity threw humanity for centuries. culture and life of distant ancestors notices just a strange thing, sometimes they are the light of the sea …

People build a civilization from scratch. The latest technology was transmitted orally or copy on the beach, young artisans without realizing them off. Art is forgotten. For the rest, there was no reason to. Islands to hunt, fish, gather sea minerals and vegetables, steal and kill each other gifts – sometimes anger or win, but more.

In this dark reality, was born a new civilization.

Big Water Islands group that remained after the game about the place – the so-called Archipelago. Climate change is left a heavy mark on the world inhabited islands – in fact, it is an open field in the middle of the ocean. Woods almost completely rebuilt in the biological chain. Genetic mutations in many species of animals, including humans ancient civilization have caused the pilot.

Some of the islands are uninhabited, some fishing villages and towns, mines, can be found camps tariffs, or, at worst, thieves. cities, and there are few, their mini-states.

According to legend, a large metal shipping large part of the population fled during the great waters. Many items – traces of past civilizations, according to legend, once located on the tool.

Water in a big city, there are messages, the uninhabited islands can only be reached on his boat.

Features repack:

The quality of the voice / video quality (100%)

Nothing removed / Receiver

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