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AVG Internet Security 2016


Helps stop, remove and prevent the spread of viruses, worms and Trojans.


It protects you from malicious programs on your computer and helps to prevent any such contamination.


Helps to control a computer in their hands, and not some kind of hackers.

E-Mail Scanner

Infected or rogue includes investments, so they can not damage your computer. It works as a plug-in for e-mail applications, including Microsoft Outlook or scanner as POP3, SMTP and IMAP accounts.

Protective Cloud Technology

Detects and prevents emerging threats in the cloud from automatic updates for antivirus software.

Community Protection Network

Instantly converts every new threat encountered by any member of our community for protection for all. It adds to constantly better antivirus protection for the whole community AVG.

AVG LinkScanner

prevention technology intellectual who helps in the prevention of infection or criminal city. LinkScanner checks the links you click and alerts you if it detects something suspicious.

Protecting social networks

Checks links exchanged when you are in social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. to get you and your friends safe.

Anti spam

Stops spammers and fraudsters is for you. Reduces the risk of becoming a victim of internet spam by scanning and checking all your email messages for suspicious content and code.

AVG Online Shield

Checks files before uploading them to ensure that they are safe and protects you as you share files via MSN and Yahoo, and ICQ.

Advanced firewall

Blocks hackers who attempt to gain access to sensitive data stored on your computer. Stop malware to take over your computer or endanger other people. Work on wired and wireless networks.

Real-time detection of disease outbreaks

Uses advanced artificial intelligence to proactively detect malware samples which have not yet been cataloged by our team AVG ThreatLabs.
ReFX Nexus v2 Discovering III constantly learning through telemetry data from our users.

Identification of O

We’ve added a bunch of Intelligence to our existing cloud detection technologies to identify the epidemic and the latest versions and malware outbreaks in real time.



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